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Welcome to the Swiss Alps

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This website is amazing. I have found a great deal of information to help me put together an itinerary.

Must knows about the coronavirus in Switzerland

  • Switzerland mostly welcomes tourists from Schengen countries and a few other countries;
  • we'll keep you updated in our forum;
  • we're here to assist if you're planning your trip!
Bernina Express near Pontresina

The Bernina Express approaching Pontresina.

Flowers along the Aare in Thun


Find out what town or region appeals to you most.

Cable car to Piz Nair


Viewing points, scenic train rides, boat trips, hiking. It's all here!

Jungfraujoch train near Kleine Scheidegg


There are many ways to travel to and in Switzerland. About trains, cars, buses, boats, cable cars and the tickets you need.


The forum is the place to ask your questions, talk with other travelers and get the news about traveling to Switzerland.


Insider tips about the Swiss Alps

  • The weather varies by the season, day, time, location and especially altitude. You'd best dress in multiple thinner layers so you can adjust to the local circumstances.
  • The Swiss train system is safe, clean and easy to use. In most cases, it's a much better choice than a road trip.
  • Nearly all public transport can be found in one single online timetable.

At the forum

2018 Switzerland scenic Trains video
Hello Arno, I just finished creating this video, I posted it in the trip report forum but though maybe it might be useful in here too. If not, feel free to delete it. www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_-36TLGwYM&t=2s Thank you for your help, the trips went smooth. Steve
20 Swiss Trains in 12 Days in January 2020 video
Hello MySwissAlps.com, I posted a trip report with a similar title on Feb. 4 2020. With all my free time lately I have been gathering all my photos and videos together to create a video for each trip. Here is a link to my 20 Swiss Trains in 12 Days in January 2020 video www.y...
3 Switzerland Scenic train rides in 2018 video
Hello MySwissAlps.com, I have found myself with lots of extra time on my hands lately and finally sat down and created a video from my trip I took to Switzerland in 2018. You all were very helpful in my planning of this trip. I have made several posts mainly questions about boo...
Swiss Travel Pass Requirements for Child under 16
Hi, I am planning to make a trip of Switzerland for 18 days (2 adult + 1 child under 16) and planning to buy the 15-day Swiss Travel Pass. I see that the child can travel free with a Swiss Family Card. However, I have a few questions: 1. Do we need to Apply for "Swiss Family...
Explore Switzerland by a caravan in June 2021
Hi All, I'm planning for a visit to Switzerland in June 2020 by a Caravan from Germany with my family, wife and 2 kids. I would like to ask how long it takes, and what are the best spots to visit in Switzerland and have a night stay? Our main intention is to start from Geneva, L...
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