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Must knows about Grindelwald-First

  • First is a mountain top above Grindelwald with great views of the Jungfrau area.
  • On windstill days, beautiful photos can be made from the mountains reflecting in the Bachalpsee, a lake at a 1h15-walk from the top.
  • First offers a wide range of fun activities: from thrilling ziplines to kid-friendly scooter descents.
Grindelwald-First cableway

The cableway that connects Grindelwald to First, with the Schreckhorn in the background.

The popular mountain destination First

First (to be pronounced as 'Feerst') is one of the most popular mountains in the Jungfrau region. It’s easily accessible by cable car from the tourist town Grindelwald. Apart from the beautiful views you can enjoy lots of fun family activities.


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An easy ride and great views of the Wetterhorn and Eiger

The mountain First can easily be accessed by gondola from the town of Grindelwald. It’s a 10-minute walk from the railway station to the gondola station. There are frequent bus services too.

Once you’re up at First, you’ll have beautiful views of the Bernese Alps on the eastern side of the Jungfrau area. They include the Wetterhorn, the Schreckhorn and the famous Eiger. You’ll also see Kleine Scheidegg on the other side of the Grindelwald valle. This is the starting point for train rides to Jungfraujoch and provides access to the Lauterbrunnen valley on the western side.

You can watch the mountain panorama from the restaurant with its terrace and viewing platform.

First, Bort and Schreckfeld

Trails and activities start not only from First, but also from two stations half-way up the mountain: Bort and Schreckfeld.

Bort offers a guesthouse, restaurant and children’s playground. You can also rent kid-friendly scooters called 'Trotti bikes' there. Schreckfeld is your starting point for the mountain carts and for the First Glider.

Summer: adventurous attractions

First, Bort and Schreckfeld make for a great day trip for families and thrillseekers. These adventurous activities are available:

  • The Cliff Walk is a 15-minute roundabout walk from the summit station of First, consisting of a rock walkway, a single-rope hanging bridge and a metal catwalk.
  • The First Flyer is a zipline from First to Schreckfeld. You can reach impressive speeds, up to 84 km/h!
  • The First Glider is 4-person zipline in which you can fly like a bird. You’re first pulled up from the station of Schreckfeld to First, and then you’re released for an headfirst-flight down.
  • There's a mountain cart route from Schreckfeld to Bort.
  • There's a well-paved path for a ride with Trotti bikes (a kind of scooter bikes) from Bort to Grindelwald.

Most of these activities are available from June to October.

Summer: hiking options

Many beautiful trails start from the summit of First, but also from Bort and Schreckfeld. Some examples are:

Winter: snow activities

Although not all adventure activities are available in winter, you certainly won’t get bored:

  • The Cliff Walk, First Flyer and First Glider can be accessed in winter too.
  • You can explore the area on foot, using one of the groomed winter hiking trails, such as the route from First via Waldspitz to Bort.
  • You can enjoy the world’s longest sledding run, on a 15-km downhill route from Faulhorn to Grindelwald.
  • There are several skiing and snowboarding areas, for both beginners and professionals.

How to prepare

Check weather forecasts before you leave. If you get up for the views or for hiking, clear skies are best. Most adventure attractions can be done in clouds or light rain too, but they may be shut down in case of bad weather.

Check which activities are suitable for your travel party. For some attractions, a minimum length and/or maximum weight applies.

If you want to hike, make sure you have sunglasses, solid shoes and other appropriate gear.

Allow at least 2 to 3 hours for your visit to First. The gondola ride takes 25 minutes (one way), and you need some time at the summit to stroll around and enjoy the views. If you want to enjoy outdoor activities, you can easily spend half a day to a full day at First, Bort and Schreckfeld..

Combine your visit to First with other activities

Would you like to see more of the Jungfrau region? Here are some suggestions:

  • Hike to Grosse Scheidegg and enjoy the beautiful bus ride to Meiringen via Schwarzwaldalp, which takes you through the Rosenlaui valley. Side trips to the Rosenlaui Gorge, the Reichenbach Falls and the Aare Gorge can be added.
  • Get down to Grindelwald after your visit to First, board the cogwheel train to Kleine Scheidegg and enjoy the views there. You may travel to Jungfraujoch or make a scenic round trip via Wengen and Lauterbrunnen.
  • Get down to Grindelwald and visit Pfingstegg with its toboggan run.
  • Travel down to Grindelwald and board the gondola to Männlichen for more beautiful views.

Insider tips about Grindelwald-First

  • You can spend the night at the summit and enjoy sunset and sunrise from your room in the First mountain guest house.
  • Families with smaller children will have fun at the mid-station Bort. It has a restaurant, playground and Trotti bikes.
  • Take along binoculars. The famous North face of the Eiger is often climbed, and if you look closely you may see mountain climbers.
  • The First Flyer and First Glider end at mid-station Schreckfeld. They're a good way to start your journey down the mountain at the end of the day. Board the gondola at Schreckfeld for a ride back to Grindelwald.
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