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Valley walk from Binn to Freichi and back

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Walking in the Binn valley: from Binn to Freichi and back

Explore the secluded Binn valley, known for its minerals.


How to get to Binn and how to walk from there.


Facts Binn - Freichi - Binn

  • Hiking time: 4h15
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Elevation: 1402 - 1875 m
  • Distance: 12.1 km
  • Terrain: no public transport needed, valley, meadow, forest
  • Region: Upper Rhone valley (Valais)

About the trail

There are beautiful hiking opportunities in the secluded Binn valley. This route is a great one to get to know this region, since you will walk through a good part of the valley during this hike. The area particularly consists of forests and meadows, strewn with large rocks in some places. The Punta d`Arbola mountain, marking the Italian border at the end of the valley, can be seen well. The valley is well known for its minerals. Many different minerals are on display in the museum in Binn.

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