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Southern Lötschberg ramp trail from Hohtenn to Lalden

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Lötschberg southern ramp trail: Hohtenn to Lalden

Impressive trail along the southern ramp of the Lötschberg railway. Many views across the Rhone valley.


How to reach Hohtenn and details of the route to Lalden.


Facts Hohtenn - Lalden

  • Hiking time: 5h05
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Elevation: 793 - 1076 m
  • Distance: 18.1 km
  • Terrain: meadow, rocky, along railway, forest
  • Region: Upper Rhone valley (Valais)

About the trail

The Lötschberg railway from Spiez to Brig is an impressive piece of railway engineering. The trail allows you to admire the viaducts and trains at this southern section of the railway, but also the rough landscape of this region. This dry area has a warm Southern European climate in summer. You may encounter salamanders here. The area has an ancient open irrigation system consisting of narrow channels, which is still in use today.

You will pass the beautiful Luogelkinn viaduct in the beginning of the route. About halfway between Hohtenn and Ausserberg you will walk through a pedestrian tunnel that has been used by small work trains when the railroad was built. You will reach the Bietschtal viaduct right after the tunnel. If you want to take a picture here: a good shot of the entire viaduct can be taken about 500 m (1,600 ft) further down the trail.

The majority of the route consists of easy paths. The path is a bit more difficult as you cross the Baltschiederbach, a stream between Ausserberg and Eggerberg.

The route can easily be shortened by taking the train from Ausserberg or Eggerberg instead of Lalden. Also you can extend the route by 2h40 by continuing to the town of Brig, down in the valley.

Note that there is a trail along the northern section of the Lötschberg railway too.

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