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Lugano city walk route details

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How to get there & route details

How to travel to Lugano, and walking route details.

How to get there and back

Taking the train (or boat) to Lugano is highly recommended. This walk starts at the train station. Please find more details here.

Section 1: from the train station via the Tassino Park to the boat dock

You can find the route on the map on this page. We offer detailed street by street directions as well:

  • Exit the train station through the back and go left into the Via Basilea.
  • Just before the railway, you'll need to turn right into the path leading to the Parco del Tassino (Tassino Park).
  • Be sure to walk all the way up the hill for the best view over the city and the lake. Then take the stairs down the hill (see the map) and follow the Via Tassino until you reach the railway.
  • On the other side of the railway, turn left into the Via Clemente Maraini. After 100 m, cross the street and take the stairs down to Via Antonio Adamini.
  • You've now reached the Chiesa di Santa Maria di Loreto, a small church built in 1524. Pass the church on its right through the Via Loreto. There's a small garden on the right.
  • Keep walking straight ahead, down the hill, until you can turn left into the Via Giuseppe Mazzini. Then turn right and cross the street to reach the lake.
  • Walk along the lake for about 300 m until you see a square on your left. Cross the street to reach the square and enter the Via Nassa in the farthest corner of the square.
  • After 350 m, go right in the alley Vicolo del Lido, walk to the lake and turn left. You've reached the boat terminal.

Section 2: from the boat dock via the Ciani Park to the train station

  • Walk along Lake Lugano to the entrance of the Parco Ciani (Ciani Park). Keep walking along the water until the very end of a little peninsula (see the map).
  • Walk back via the other path and turn right after about 400 m (see the map).
  • Follow the curved path until you can turn right to reach the Viale Carlo Cattaneo. Go left there and pass the Piazza Castello (a square) on your left.
  • Cross the street into the small park (Piazza Indipendenza) and cross the park. Go into the Via Canova.
  • Keep walking straight ahead, cross the square (Piazza Riforma). You've reach Via Nassa again (the part you haven't seen yet). Enter the first street on your right.
  • Keep following the Via Pessina until you reach another square: the Piazza Alighieri Dante. At the right of the square you'll find the Chiesa di Sant' Antonio Abate, a church that was built in 1633 on the remains of a smaller church.
  • Now continue from Via Pessina straight ahead and turn left into Salita M. e A. Chiattone (see the map). Take the stairs up to the Via Cattedrale and go left there to descend again.
  • You've reached a small square (Piazza Cioccaro). Take the funicular up to the train station. If you rather walk to the station, then in the previous step do not go left into the Via Cattedrale, but right and immediately left. Follow the stairs up to the station.


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