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Route details & travel information of the hike Mörel - Brig

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How to get there & route details

Traveling to Mörel and detailed route description.

How to get there and back

Mörel can be reached by train or by car from Brig or Fiesch/Andermatt.

There are trains and buses to all destinations from the rail station in Brig.


From the railway station in Mörel, walk to the main road and turn left. Then turn left into the path running down towards Brig and keep following the signs to Termen/Brig. After you have passed the hydro-electric power station, at the end of the asphalt road, take the left forest path (not the one on the right, heading towards Termen). Then turn into the first footpath on your left, which runs parallel to the power station. After a while, turn right into the path winding up through the forest. This path keeps ascending and ends up at an asphalt road. Turn right here to Termen. After the road's curve, turn right into the forest path leading towards Tunnetschalp/Termen. This path also keeps ascending through the forest. You will pass an installation of the power station on your left; turn into the left ascending path over here. When you have reached the wide road, turn right en keep following the road to the hamlet of Zen Achru.

After having passed Zen Achru, turn right to Termen. Further on, this path will descend steeply, not dangerously though, towards a waterfall in the Tunnetschgrabe crevice. In Termen, walk straight on through the Dorfstrasse and the Termenstrasse, ignoring signs pointing to the left or right to Brig. Only about 1 km (0.6 miles) outside of the village's centre, turn right to Biela/Brig from the Termenstrasse. When you are in Brig, follow the signs to the railway station. You will first have to walk straight on through the Furkaweg downwards, with a church on your left, and then turn right at the Stockalper palace. You will reach the railway station through the Alte Simplonstrasse and the Bahnhofstrasse.


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