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Lausanne - Traveling around the city

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Lausanne station TGV

Lausanne train station, with a TGV Lyria to Paris on the left.

How to get around in Lausanne

Lausanne is easy to be reached by train. From the central station, you'll reach the town center in 10 minutes on foot, or in just a minute by taking the metro/subway. There is plenty of public transport to get around in town, which is recommended over driving.

Finding your way in Lausanne

For newcomers, navigation can be quite challenging in Lausanne. The city is built on a slope, and an old river bed causes additional altitude differences. Streets that may look like a crossing on a map, may actually be one road crossing the other by a bridge. The Pont Charles Bessières near the Notre Dame Cathedral is an example.

This unique terrain also adds to the city's attractiveness. The two rivers that once crossed town, the Flon and the Louve, are now covered over.

Public transport is convenient

If you can avoid traveling into Lausanne by car, we recommend you do. The city center is small enough to explore on foot, and there's excellent public transport:

  • Lausanne is on the main rail line from Montreux to Geneva. Also, there are trains to Yverdon-les-Bains, Fribourg, Bern and even Paris. Also, there's a local LEB train from Flon, in the center of town, to Echallens and Bercher.
  • There are two metro lines: one from Croisettes in the north via Flon to Ouchy on the lake, the other from Flon to Renens in the west.
  • There's a dense network of (electric) buses.

Public transport is free

If you book a hotel, you will receive a free Lausanne Transport Card when you check in. It grants free access to all public transport in and around Lausanne during your stay. It also gets you discounts on various local activities.

Check the rail passes if you need better discounts or unlimited public transport in a wider region or the entire country.


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