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Münster cathedral in Basel

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View of Basel and cathedral

View of Basel and the Basel Münster (cathedral).

The Münster Cathedral

The imposing Münster Cathedral is one of the must sees in Basel. Hundreds of years of history can be explored here, along with a great view over the town and the river Rhine.


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About the cathedral

The construction of the Münster Cathedral started about a 1000 years ago and took 500 years. The Münster as we know it today was completed after the reconstruction of the towers, that were destroyed during the earthquake in 1356. The cathedral was enlarged in Gothic style and the towers were completed in 1500.

The result is a magnificent red sandstone cathedral with two towers and an extraordinary roof with red/green rhombus shaped patterns.

Be sure to go inside to admire the various decorations, stained glass windows, the organ and the arched ceilings.

There are guided tours available if you're interested in all details about the cathedral.

Viewing points

For a beautiful view of Basel and the river Rhine, you can climb the 250 narrow steps of one of the towers (an entrance fee applies). Another good viewing point is the Pfalz terrace behind the Münster. You can walk down to the Rhine from here and take a little ferry across the Rhine.

Other activities

You can combine a visit to the cathedral with a city walk, so you can see more of the historical city center.

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