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Swiss Museum of Transport

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Race cars in the Traffic Museum

The Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne is a great indoors activity.

Swiss Museum of Transport

This interactive museum in Lucerne has a massive selection of cars, trains and planes - and much more.


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What is the Swiss Museum of Transport?

This museum in Lucerne, called 'Verkehrshaus der Schweiz' in German, is much more than just a museum explaining about modes of transport. Children will love this interactive experience, and so will adults. You can spend a full day on all activities and exhibitions. Here's a selection of what to expect:

  • Train enthusiasts will love the model railways, actual steam locomotives, many carriages and a steam powered snow-blower built in 1896.
  • In the car hall, you'll see model cars and actual historic cars, race cars, motorbikes and more. There's a crash test for visitors to experience, and an interactive car theatre.
  • Learn about the history of navigation.
  • The history of Swiss tourism is explained.
  • Several aerial cableways are displayed.
  • Enjoy a plane simulator or helicopter simulator and see real airplanes in the aviation section.
  • The space section explores traveling to Mars, to the moon and more.
  • The Arena is a large outdoor area, featuring planes, a large boating pool, play buses, scooters and karts.
  • The Media World explains about modern communication. There are exciting virtual experiences such as paragliding, flying and climbing the Matterhorn.
  • The i-factory is an interactive permanent exhibition about computer science and what it means for today's society.
  • There are temporary exhibitions, for example about logistics around the globe.
  • You can watch movies about nature and science in the film theatre with its IMAX screen. An additional entry fee applies.
  • The planetarium shows movies about the universe in a large dome. An additional entry fee applies.
  • The Swiss Chocolate Adventure is a ride in carriages. You'll learn how chocolate is being made. An additional entry fee applies.
  • You can have a bite in the brasserie or in the restaurant.

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