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Region North-West Switzerland

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Hersberg, a little village just outside Basel.

North-West Switzerland

According to our definition, North-West Switzerland includes the city of Basel, the Jura and the Three-Lakes region of Neuchâtel and Biel/Bienne. It isn't part of the Alps, but still worth a visit!


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Entry point to Switzerland

North-West Switzerland borders to France and Germany. For many travelers, North-West Switzerland is where they enter the country.

If you come from Paris or Germany, Basel will mostly be the first Swiss town you'll reach. For plane travelers, the EuroAirport just across the border in France can be the point of entry.

Why would you visit North-West Switzerland?

If you're interested in culture and history, this a region to consider. The pretty old town center of Basel offers lots of museums and monuments, and there is a Roman theatre and museum in Augst.

There's lots of beautiful scenery in the Jura mountains, with plenty of hiking trails in the regional parks of Doubs and Chasseral. One of the most exciting landscapes here is the huge, steep rock formation of Creux du Van, to be reached on foot. Spectacular views are guaranteed!

The towns on Lake Biel, Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Murten are all very charming with their old towns and lake views. You can enjoy boat trips over the lakes and lots of hikes here, including routes into the Taubenloch gorge or through the vineyards of Mont Vully.

This 6-day car trip crosses North-Western Switzerland and other northern regions.


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Modern city with a historical town center and many interesting museums.



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Basel and surroundings

The region surrounding the city of Basel in Northern Switzerland.

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