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The tourist town of Saas-Fee.

About Saas-Fee

Saas-Fee is a car free village surrounded by snow covered peaks with all year round winter sports on the glacier.


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Facts about Saas-Fee

  • Location: in the Alps
  • Region: Saas valley (Valais)
  • Popular attractions: Mittelallalin
  • Town size: town
  • Saas-Fee is car-free
  • Saas-Fee is a winter sports resort
  • Elevation: 1792 m (5879 ft)
  • Travel time from Zurich: 3h00 by train, 4h05 by car

Saas-Fee is a special place

Saas-Fee is situated at the very end of the Saas valley. It can be reached by car and bus, but cars are not allowed into the village. One needs to park at the entrance of the village. Saas-Fee is absolute heaven if you like the combination of stunning alpine scenery, a comfortable village and plenty of outdoor activities.

Pros and cons of Saas-Fee

Hiking, biking, winter sports and just enjoying the Alps are reasons to come to Saas-Fee. You can ski and snowboard here all year round, even in summer if you're experienced. There's excellent transportation into the mountains. The village isn't really large but it is fully focused on catering to demanding tourists. There's a fine selection of shops and restaurants.

You'd best focus on local activities, as the village is quite isolated. It takes close to an hour to get to other towns of some size. It is located amidst the mountains, so the weather can vary a lot. It can rain for days but clear sunny days are common as well. We would advise to stay at least three nights to fully enjoy this region. There's enough to do to spend two or more weeks here though.

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