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The Switzerland Saver Day Pass must knows

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Must knows about the Saver Day Pass

  • Unlimited traveling throughout Switzerland for one day.
  • No tickets required for trains, buses and boats.
  • No discounts on trips to mountain tops.
  • No museum entrance included.
  • Buy well in advance for the best price.
  • The pass is not refundable.
Train Locarno

A local train in Locarno, Switzerland.

About the Saver Day Pass

This is what the Saver Day Pass ("Spartageskarte" in German) offers:

  • You'll get free unlimited traveling in Switzerland for one day.
  • Trains, buses, boats and city transport are free.
  • Cable cars, cogwheel trains and funiculars are not included (find details and exceptions here).
  • The Saver Day Pass is available for 1st or 2nd class traveling.

Important restrictions:

  • The Saver Day Pass can be purchased from 6 months before your travel date, and it can't be purchased on the travel day itself.
  • The price varies by demand and the purchase date. Buying early is normally cheaper, but that's not guaranteed: prices may go up over time, and then down again.
  • The Saver Day Pass can sell out.
  • The Saver Day Pass is not refundable and can't be exchanged. Exceptions apply to incorrect passes (e.g. with a wrong traveler name), or if you have a medical certificate that proves that you are not able to travel. An administration fee will be deducted.

The Saver Day Pass is a good option if:

  • you can plan your trip well in advance.
  • you are sure you will travel that day, regardless of the weather for example.
  • you will be traveling for a long distance. If not, other options like regular tickets might be cheaper.
  • you only need to travel for a day or two. If not, a multi-day rail pass like the Swiss Travel Pass is more convenient and cheaper in most cases. Please see here to compare the Saver Day Pass and Swiss Travel Pass.
  • you need an additional travel day on top of a rail pass like the Swiss Travel Pass.


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