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Swissminiatur allows you to see many of the famous landmarks in Switzerland within a few hours.


Swissminiatur is a small theme park in Melide (near Lugano), in which you can explore a mini version of Switzerland. You'll see many of its highlights within a few hours!


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  • Attraction type: Culture, Museum
  • Escort: independent (no guide)
  • Region: Lake Lugano (Ticino)
  • Duration: 1 day or less

What to expect from Swissminiatur?

You'll walk along miniature versions of historical but also some modern Swiss buildings. Just follow the park route to see the churches, city halls, train stations, cable car stations, airports, harbors and more. There are miniature trains and cable cars as well.

There's also a somewhat bigger train that carries people around the park. The park has a restaurant and a workshop. Guided tours in the workshop are available at specific dates and times.

Things to see at Swissminiatur

Some of the highlights:

  • the cathedral in Basel;
  • the cathedral and castle in Neuchâtel;
  • the cathedral in Lausanne;
  • the cathedral in Milan (even though this is not in Switzerland);
  • the castle in Bellinzona;
  • the castle in Thun;
  • the Stockalper palace in Brig.


Check the weather forecast to ensure there's no heavy rain. Other than that, any kind of weather is suitable.

Count on spending two hours at least to visit Swissminiatur.

More activities to fill the day

A nice boat trip is a good way to reach Melide. Monte Generoso can be visited too. More activity suggestions near Lugano can be found here.

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