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Prices and resellers of the Tell-Pass Summer

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Tell-Pass Summer prices and resellers

Prices in 2023

Duration Price More information
(incl. children discounts)
2 days CHF 190 switzerlandtravelcentre.com
3 days CHF 220 switzerlandtravelcentre.com
4 days CHF 240 switzerlandtravelcentre.com
5 days CHF 250 switzerlandtravelcentre.com
10 days CHF 320 switzerlandtravelcentre.com

Standard prices for an adult pass. Prices may slightly vary depending on where you buy. Scroll down for all purchase options.


  • There's a fixed price of CHF 30 for Tell-Passes for children from 6 up to and including 15. They have to travel along with an adult. The adult does not need to be a relative of the child.
  • The Junior travelcard is also valid, as well as the Children’s Co-travelcard. If you have one of those, you don't need the child version of the pass.
  • Children up to 5 travel along for free. They don't need a pass.
  • There are no special fares for seniors.


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  • Switzerland Travel Centre (STC) is the official tourist webshop of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB).
  • Fast customer support.
  • Extra support: if you buy here, MySwissAlps can also help if you have questions about your order.
  • Good currency exchange rates. No additional fees.
  • Very experienced team of train travel experts.
  • Offers everything for your Switzerland trip: from single tickets to complete train holidays.
  • Extra support: if you buy here, MySwissAlps can also help if you have questions about your order.

  • You can buy rail passes at staffed rail stations in the region. This is only possible during opening hours. These are different for each station.
  • You can buy train tickets for trips in Switzerland from staffed desks and from ticketing machines. The machines offer normal fares and most discounted fares.
  • You may have to wait in line, especially during rush hour and in popular towns.
  • You can pay in Swiss francs. Often you can also pay in other currencies, but at a high exchange rate.
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